Information and Communication Technology Conference Munich

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IIIrd ICT Conference Munich 2013


For the third time, the Institute for Strategy, Technology and Organization (ISTO), in cooperation with the Ifo Institute hosted the ICT Conference Munich (ICTCM) from 14-16 October 2013. One of several reasons for the success of the conference was the broad scope – Management, Economics and Information Systems – of research on ICT it covered. The diverse topics were discussed in ten contributed and four invited sessions. The 44 presentations filled with high-quality contributions were chosen from many strong submissions and made the ICTCM a special event for almost 100 guests.

As with every event, this conference was also only made possible by the many helping hands supporting us before, during and afterwards. We therefore want to thank everyone who took part in the event.

First of all, we thank Dr. Klaus Kinkel, chairman of the Deutsche Telekom Foundation, who was patron of the IIIrd ICT Conference. After seven eventful years of close cooperation with the Foundation, the conference was a platform to celebrate our very fruitful partnership and to express our special thanks.

We also thank the keynote speakers and the Expert Panel for their participation. Three world-renowned academics accepted our invitation to hold keynote speeches. Hüseyin Tanriverdi’s (University of Texas at Austin), Tim Bresnahan’s (Stanford University) and Patrick Rey’s (University of Toulouse) presentations captured the attention of all guests. On Tuesday, 15 October 2013 five academics and practitioners shared their opinions on the issue of “Cloud Computing & Security” in the Expert Panel, which also attracted media attention (ICTCM news report - only in German).

On behalf of the entire team, we would like to take the opportunity to thank our sponsors BTO and Envolved GmbH who for example supported the Best PhD Paper Award for two young researchers. Their financial support also helped us offer a platform for discussions among our guests during the welcoming atmosphere at our Get-together and Conference Dinner.

Finally and most important, we thank three outstanding institutions. We thank the incredible team of Carl Friedrich Siemens Stiftung, who not only provided us with the very beautiful and representative venue for our event, but also supported us throughout the entire conference. Moreover, the LMU and the Ifo Institute, who are looking forward continuing to organize the conference in the future.

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